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Los Angeles Business Journal:  April 10, 2006

"Wireless Firm 5G Building Bases From Irvine to Africa"


MSNBC:  December 20, 2005

"5G Wireless Introduces New 'Cellular-Style' G-Force 850 802.11b/g Base Station"
Excerpt: "It also provides maximum area coverage from a single base station unit with an operating range of up to 2 kilometers to any wirelessly-enabled laptop or PDA."

Los Angeles Business Journal:  November 7-13, 2005

"Wi-Fi Wonderland"

Excerpt: "The costs and capabilities of wiring a city for public broadband access are central to the current debate..."

Antenna Systems & Technology: July/August 2005
"Cellular Antenna Design Further Reduces TCO for Campus and Municipal Deployments"
Excerpt: "The benefits of increased range are significant as gains in distance result in exponential increases in overall area, suggesting an emerging new metric for evaluating infrastructure investments: cost per sq. foot of wireless coverage."

Campus Technology: July 2005
"Imagination on the Move"
Excerpt: "A team of technologists from 5G suggested a brilliant idea..."

Broadband Wireless
Broadband Wireless Business: May/June 2005
"Ten Myths About Wireless Networks"
Excerpt: "Shattering these myths will provide you with the clarity you'll need to maximize the return on dollars spent on your wireless network."

Forbes.com: February 10, 2005
" 5G Wireless Successfully Launches Wi-Fi Technology for New York City Nursing Center"
Excerpt: "5G's ability to do more with less was the key determining factor in awarding them this contract."

University Business
University Business: February, 2005
"Do You Hear Me Now?"
Excerpt: "ClassAct broadcasts a low-power, precisely calibrated counter signal within the designated classrooms that effectively drowns out the outdoor access point's signal to create a 'cold classroom' in a hot zone."

UCLA Assets
UCLA Assets: Winter, 2005
"UCLA Anderson: Unplugged"
Excerpt: "Now we have an infrastructure that is leading edge, that will keep up and meet the needs of our students and faculty down the line."

CRN: November 8, 2004
"Going Wireless on a Budget"
Excerpt: "Our total cost of ownership enables customers to break even within a year," he said. "If you're a small or medium-size business, how can you do any better than that?"

Unstrung Insider
Unstrung Insider: October 2004
"Metro-Zone 802.11 Wireless Equipment vendor Strategies for Outdoor and 802.11"
Excerpt: "5G products have reportedly performed well in long-range tests, for example, providing 4 Mbps over a 4 mile link."

Wireless Week
Wireless Week: August 1, 2004
"On the Move"
Excerpt: "Robert McNamara joined the technical advisory board for 5G Wireless Communications."
UC Tech News: March 2004

UC Tech News
UC Tech News: March 2004
" Campus Wireless Technology Leading to Innovations in the Classroom and Beyond"
Excerpt: " With this technology, we hope to leapfrog the current 'hot-spot' issues to provide ubiquitous coverage in a single, continuous area."

Broadband Wireless Online
Broadband Wireless Online: December 5, 2003
5G Adds Wi-Fi at UCLA Business School
Excerpt: "A beta test program has been carried out at UCLA for two months in which the system's coverage and throughput were measured in the School's buildings, classrooms and common areas. 5G's system is able to penetrate through the School's brick structure in a non-line-of-sight application. The network uses just a single access point to provide the coverage."

Wireless IQ Info
Wireless IQ: December 1, 2003
Educating Wireless
Excerpt: "Industry executives, like John Kelly, VP of business development at 5G Wireless estimates that a campus setting can bring in about $75,000-$100,000. 5G Wireless recently outfitted UCLA's Anderson School of Management, which has 1,000 students, with wireless service."

Broadband Wireless Online
Broadband Wireless Online: September 16, 2003
5G's Technology Selected by DNS Wireless Internet
Excerpt: "5G Wireless Communications Inc. will provide its Wi-Fi point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless network gear to DNS Wireless Internet, according to an announcement issued by the companies."

802.11b News
802.11b News: September 2003
5G Signs Contract with DNS
Excerpt: "5G Wireless announced that it has signed a contract with Ohio-based DNS to provide a full range of 5G's network gear for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint equipment for the DNS Wireless Internet. DNS will immediately begin deploying 5G's patent pending technology in a variety of areas throughout Ohio with plans to expand to other states in early 2004."

DefCon WiFi Shootout
Defcon Wi-Fi Shootout: August 2003
5G Wireless Wins Commercial Class at Wi-Fi Shootout
Excerpt: "With a confirmed distance of 14.8951 miles the winner is: 5G Wireless Communications, Inc."

Government Technology
Excerpt: "Whereas local "Hot Spots" only reach an area of 300 ft. from an access point, this enhanced package provides coverage over a mile away."

BusinessWeek Online
BusinessWeek Online: April 23, 2003
Wi-Fi Stretches Its Wings
Excerpt: Many other startups are making improvements to Wi-Fi to extend its range beyond the typical 300 feet. 5G Wireless in Marina Del Rey, Calif., uses souped-up hardware and software to allow users as far as four miles away from its access points to get on the Web at 4 megabits per second. 5G's technology can also send signals through obstacles such as buildings."

Wi-Fi Planet
Wi-Fi Planet: April 16, 2003
Long Distance Wi-Fi
Excerpt: "A long-distance Wi-Fi solution could change considerably the nature of the Wi-Fi market.


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