Channel Partners
Become a 5G Wireless Partner

Interested in offering your customers a broadband wireless solution? Great news!

5G Wireless’ Authorized Channel Partners (ACP) program puts you ahead of the pack with high performing Campus-Wide Area Network (C-WAN) systems that are simple to sell, install and manage. The 5G Wireless ACP program equips you with:

Top-level technical support throughout the sales and implementation process
Competitive margins on every product sold
Market development support

You’ll never feel like a small cog when you team up with 5G Wireless. As a prized partner you’ll be at the center of a fast-growing, like-minded group of wireless professionals.

A Winning Architecture in Wireless Broadband
5G Wireless’ industry-leading family of G-Force™ Base Stations provides the coverage, flexibility and low total cost of ownership (TCO) to turn your campus into a fully-functioning wireless HotZone™. You get:

Industrial strength outdoor/indoor wireless coverage
Non-line-of-sight capabilities
Ideal mix of range and performance
Low total cost of ownership
Flexible upgrade path to new technologies like WiMAX

5G Wireless’ G-Force™ Base Stations use an industry-standard Wi-Fi platform along with proprietary high-gain antenna technology. Combine this with 5G Wireless’ unique signal power conditioning and you will be armed with a wireless broadband solution that:

Decreases networking complexity
Reduces cabling and electrical drops
Minimizes channel management problems and interference

In contrast to first generation wireless networks of internal access points, G-Force employs a superior architecture that is better tuned to campus, business and warehouse applications.

Rather than building out armies of internal access points, 5G Wireless uses an ‘outside/in’ approach. Your customers get indoor and outdoor coverage without the complications and unreliability that can be associated with mesh networks.

Wireless broadband for a range of applications
5G Wireless’ G-Force Base Stations are ideal for markets including:





Wireless ISPs

Whatever your application, G-Force from 5G Wireless is a powerful and convenient broadband solution that can be integrated easily into your customer’s infrastructure.

Industry-leading margins and top level support
5G Wireless Base Stations are the profit margin leader in a fiercely competitive market. That means you profit more with broadband wireless systems that provide industry-leading coverage, a progressive upgrade path and plenty of upsell opportunities.
The 5G Wireless team consists of experienced wireless professionals that can help you through all facets of the sales and customer management cycle. In addition to individualized training, we’ll work alongside you through site surveys and product implementation to make sure that your customers are up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Apply now to be part of the ACP program
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For more information about 5G Wireless please contact us at (800) 916-1611

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