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5G Communications, Inc. invested several years in developing its Wireless Wide Area Network product for last mile applications. We are now poised to take advantage of this next generation technology by selling our wireless broadband infrastructure equipment.

We believe that our wireless point-to-multipoint solution for fixed networks enables us to offer solutions that leapfrog existing infrastructure, so that the initial investment required by a customer would be significantly lower than that required for "wired" alternatives. The difference our technology makes is quite clear:

Greater Distances at High Speed

Standard Wi-Fi: 300 to 500 feet
5G Wireless: 8 miles or more

Near Line-of-Sight Communications

Fixed Wireless: Line-of-sight connectivity (Above 2.5Ghz)
5G Wireless: Improved 'non line-of-sight' (at 2.4Ghz)

Secure Connections

Standard Wi-Fi: Poor security protocol
5G Wireless: Proprietary high security scheme

High Capacity Access point

Standard Wi-Fi: 30 person limit (or less)
5G Wireless: Over 1,000 user capacity (or more)

Wi-Fi Compliant Network

Standard Wi-Fi: Unique frequencies and standards to enable certain performance benefits
5G Wireless: Customers can use the accepted 802.11b/g standard PC cards on our network


For more information about 5G Wireless please contact us at (800) 916-1611

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