G-Force is at the forefront of a new generation of broadband wireless solutions. While first generation systems were content to employ armies of complex and costly access points, G-Force Base Stations take an ‘outside/in’ approach that can provide superior coverage patterns and a far lower total cost of ownership.

G-Force Base Stations meet some simple product goals:

Provide pervasive coverage
Have users connect painlessly
Make it easy to maintain
Keep it affordable
Offer an easy upgrade path

G-Force is available in a number of single or multi-panel, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configurations to fit your requirements. This includes:

Outdoor Base Stations for backhaul
Outdoor Base Stations for campus wireless area networks (C-WANs)
Indoor Stations for commercial and industrial applications

Internal 3g booster device

Major components of G-Force Base Stations include:

802.11b compliant radios
Multi-antenna panel arrays
Non-pen roof mast with mounting brackets and hardware

Contact a 5G Wireless Product Specialist today. We’ll show you how G-Force Base Stations can be the centerpiece of your campus or facility wireless infrastructure.


For more information about 5G Wireless please contact us at (800) 916-1611

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