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City Wireless Networks

Whether you need to improve your public safety communications infrastructure, or are looking to create a city wireless network, 5G Wireless offers compelling solutions for demanding urban environments.

5G Wireless’ industry-leading family of Base Stations provides the coverage, flexibility and low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to turn your municipal environment into a fully-functioning wireless HotZone™.

5G Wireless’ G-Force™ Base Stations use an industry-standard Wi-Fi platform along with proprietary high-gain antenna technology to create a city wireless network. Combine this with 5G Wireless’ unique signal power conditioning and you get:

Industrial strength outdoor/indoor wireless coverage
Non-line-of-sight capabilities
Ideal mix of range and performance
Low total cost of ownership
Flexible upgrade path to new technologies like WiMAX

5G Wireless can cover entire areas of your city (within a half mile to mile range depending on terrain) with a single G-Force™ Base Station at full data rate. There is no need to buy tens or hundreds of access points. You can strategically place Base Stations to provide seamless 360 degree roaming coverage for devices with standard Wi-Fi PC cards. With up to 1,000 users per radio at full data rate, G-Force™ can handle entire areas with ease. And, because we are not limited to 'line of sight', outdoor to indoor shots are possible for your city wireless network.

To find out more, contact a 5G Wireless Municipal Specialist today. Or ask us for our free Wireless Broadband Planning Kit with useful information on how to  plan and implement a city wireless network.



For more information about 5G Wireless please contact us at (800) 916-1611

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