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overview of 5G's wireless broadband solutions

5G Wireless’ industry-leading family of G-Force™ Base Stations provides the coverage, flexibility and low total cost of ownership (TCO) to turn your campus or facility into a fully-functioning wireless Campus Wide Area Network (C-WAN) or Wireless HotZone™. You get:

Industrial strength outdoor/indoor wireless coverage
Non-line-of-sight capabilities
Low total cost of ownership
Ideal mix of range and performance
Flexible upgrade path to new technologies like WiMAX

5G Wireless’ G-Force™ Base Stations use an industry-standard Wi-Fi platform along with proprietary high-gain antenna technology. Combine this with 5G Wireless’ unique signal power conditioning and you will be armed with a wireless broadband solution that:

Decreases networking complexity
Reduces cabling and electrical drops
Minimizes channel management problems and interference

In contrast to first generation wireless networks of internal access points, G-Force employs a superior architecture that is better tuned to campus, business and warehouse applications.  Rather than building out armies of internal access points 5G Wireless uses an ‘outside/in’ approach. You get indoor and outdoor coverage without the complications and unreliability that can be associated with mesh networks.

Wireless broadband for a range of applications
5G Wireless’ G-Force Base Stations are ideal for markets including:

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Whatever your application, G-Force from 5G Wireless is a powerful and convenient broadband solution that can be integrated easily into your existing infrastructure.


For more information about 5G Wireless please contact us at (800) 916-1611

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