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How do you build a wireless broadband network for your port or shipping facility that is affordable, easy and cost-effective to manage, and flexible enough to act as a platform for future technologies?

5G Wireless’ G-ForceBase Stations set a new standard in powerful wireless broadband solutions. Significantly less hardware intensive than traditional, access point-centric networks, G-Force helps you avoid interference issues and ongoing support hassles.

G-Force™ Base Stations can play a key role in expediting supply chain processes and communications throughout your port, warehouse or logistics facility.

High performance and coverage means you can easily integrate wireless broadband with existing systems such as:

• Asset tracking:

Whatever your solution (RFID, OCR etc.) G-Force provides a flexible wireless infrastructure to move on-demand data smoothly and securely so that you can pinpoint an asset’s location and status

• Campus communications:

Across your port or facility, G-Force makes it easier than ever before to build secure networks that speed key data and voice to your team

How do we do it? G-Force uses an industry-standard Wi-Fi platform along with proprietary high-gain antenna technology. Combine this with 5G Wireless’ unique signal power conditioning and you get:

• Industrial strength outdoor/indoor solution
• Non-line-of-sight capabilities up to 360 degrees
• Low total cost of ownership


For more information about 5G Wireless please contact us at (800) 916-1611

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